A merit badge for Boy scouts. This is not a required badge for Eagle. Taken from meritbadge.com:

  1. Do these:
    1. Collect a type set of U.S. coins of any year currently being minted or in circulation. Commemorative, proof, silver, rare, or expensive coins are not needed. Have at least one coin from each mint in your type set.
    2. In your type set, point out and identify the mint mark (if any) on each coin. Tell when each mint first started making coins.
    3. For each coin in your type set, point out the location of the initials (if any) of each coin's designer(s).
  2. Do these:
    1. Tell about the various grades of coins. Show six examples.
    2. Tell what buffed and whizzed coins are. Tell how to detect them.
  3. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Tell how to detect counterfeit coins.
    2. Tell how to properly clean coins.
  4. Do TWO of the following:
    1. Make enlarged sketches of both sides of five different kinds of U.S. coins minted from 1792 through the present year. Make sketches of both sides of five different colonial or state coins minted before 1792. Show all designs, dates, and lettering clearly.
    2. Collect, classify, and mount 50 different coins of 10 different countries.
    3. Collect a type set of U.S. coins minted during the 20th century (except commemorative, proof, gold, rare, or expensive coins).
    4. Collect a set of some U.S. series of coins beginning with your year of birth (except for rare or expensive coins).
    5. Collect, classify, describe, and mount 10 medals, tokens, or combination of both. Have three different size medals or tokens and three different metals or compositions in the collection.
    6. Show the location of and explain the following on a current piece of U.S. paper money:
      1. the Federal Reserve Bank and letter,
      2. serial number,
      3. series,
      4. check letter,
      5. face plate number,
      6. back plate number,
      7. seal and seal color,
      8. signatures,
      9. denomination.

      Describe three things to look for in detecting counterfeits.

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