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This is a song by Ween, adapted from a traditional Chinese spiritual, from the album The Mollusk.

It's a very cool ballad here, long and emotional, and sung very well by Gene Ween, with backup. It's surprising sometimes how tender the Ween Machine can be after they've just finished singing songs about their penises, or are about to.

Cold blows the wind over my true love
cold blows the drops of rain
I never had but one true love
and in Camville he was slain

I'll do as much for my true love
as any young girl may
i'll sit and weep down by his grave
for twelve month and one day

The story gets dramatic and emotional, and the echoing voices and beautiful harmony really help make the song seem meaningful.

This song is © 1997 by Ween, Elektra records.

The next song on this album is Pink Eye (On My Leg), but it's instrumental, so check out the next noded song: Waving My Dick in the Wind.

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