You had a sore head
And your nose was red
I didn't mind

You had a little sniffle
And you told me to be careful
How very kind!

You said you were infected
Said I shouldn't feel rejected
If you declined

But I didn't heed your warnings
And you forgot them by the morning
And some say 'oh, you poor thing'
But I find:

I have a sore head
And my nose is red
But I don't mind

For every time I sneeze
I remember how you squeeeezed...
Time after time

With every single cough
It's you I'm thinking of...
By design?

And every new atchoo
Brings sweet visions of you
To my mind.

Every time I have to blow,
Well, darling don't you know:
It reminds me how you helped me to unwind:

Every dribble from my nose
Is like a nibble to my toes...
I unfold another hankie
It reminds me of the pankie...
When I reach out for a tissue
It just makes me makes me want to kiss you...
And although you may have wrecked me
You know you can infect me
Any time!


To be sung to the tune of a 1920s love song, or possibly Sinatra from the swing era.

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