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A massive Australia conglomerate company. It is one of the two major retail chain owners (the other being the Woolworths) chain. It ends up competing a hell of a lot with itself. It owns (at least) the following:

  • Coles (an upper-class grocery store chain).
  • Myer (an upper-class department store chain), common in Melbourne.
  • Grace Brothers (another upper-class department store chain; but popular in Sydney, rather than Melbourne.
  • Target (a lower-class department store chain).
  • KMart (another lower-class department store chain; the confusing thing is that it's not unusual to find both KMart and Target in the same shopping centre).
  • Harris Technology (a computer store chain).
  • Vintage Cellars (a liquor store chain).
  • Bi-Lo (a lower-class grocery store chain).
  • Officeworks (a stationery and office supplies chain).

It is one of Australia's largest companies; and its shares are considered blue-chip. One of the good things about Coles is that it offers a pretty lucrative shareholder discount scheme.

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