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The latest brainchild by bass guitar virtuoso Les Claypool, Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade is a jam band that's not just aimed at "hippies." Surrounded by a bunch of innovative musicians, Todd Huth on Guitar, Skerik on Sax, Jay Lane on drums, Jeff Chimenti on keyboards and Eenor on guitar, along with Les, who plays bass and does the lead vocals. They have two cds out, Live frogs - Set 1 and Set 2. Live Frogs - Set 1 was recorded live, obviously, at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on Oct. 8 and 9, 2000. The setlist is as follows...

  1. Thela Hun Ginjeet 14:25
  2. Riddles Are Abound Tonight 5:58
  3. Hendershot 6:44
  4. Shattering Song 11:54
  5. Running the Gauntlet 7:41
  6. Girls for Single Men 7:39
  7. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Jack Irons Version) 12:09

Live Frogs - Set 2 is a live cover of Pink Floyd's Animals album in its entirety. It was recorded in the same location as Live Frogs - Set 1, and on the same days. For those unfamiliar with that album here is a tracklisting...

  1. Pigs on the Wing Pt. 1
  2. Dogs
  3. Pigs
  4. Sheep
  5. Pigs on the Wing Pt. 2

I was fortunate enough to see Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade at Berkfest this year (2001), and I want to let everyone know they put on a hell of a show. All day before the show, Les wore a frog costume, which is apparently the mascot for Clean Vibes, and told everyone "to clean up after themselves cuz mommy ain't here". I unfortunatly do not remember half the set (stupid drugs) but it was a great jam filled set. He jammed for a while on the Peter Gunn Theme, and showed why he is the king of the bass guitar as he turned that riff inside out and played it in so many ways. He also teased Kashmir by Led Zepplin, which was interesting cuz it looked like he had an upright bass that was cut really thin, really really thin, supermodel thin even. But I digress, He also jammed out Space Odyssey by David Bowie. By this time in his set the evening had begun to fall and the entire band put on those rave glasses, ya know, the ones with flashlights on the part that goes over your ear, very cool stuff. It was an excellent show with really good, long jams, I have to recommend them for those interested in the jam band scene, and even to those who like Primus, and Les's other bands as well, for his bass sound hasn't changed that much.

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