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As the name might suggest, this is a procedure that irrigates the colon. It is designed to flush out fecal matter, toxins and gas from the area.

It is believed that a "colonic" promotes better digestion and wellbeing by preventing the release of toxins into the bloodstream. These toxins are produced by poor diet which results in rotting fecal matter adhering to the walls of the colon.

Used to treat constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. This differs from an enema mainly because it's performed in a much more sanitary environment, without the mess.

Of course, as with any other form ot alternative medicine, its effectiveness is unknown, and many physicians believe it may lead to an imbalance of salts, which would tend to diffuse out. It may also weaken the colon through eliminating some of the need for a natural bowel movement. The reported usage by Princess Diana does not necessarily imply that the effectiveness and safety of this procedure is a known fact, and people were moving their bowels safely without a dangerous "toxic buildup" for years before it was even invented!

Several companies and clinics offer colonic irrigation programs. It is not a one time deal. It involves a seven day juice fast, in which you do two colonics a day. Each treatment involves passing one bucketfull (5 liters) of water through your colon. It is said (I've never done this myself yet) that only by the fourth day or so, you start getting real results. What comes out of the colon very much resembles oil sludge (jet black and slimey), yet still retains that semi-solid mucus quality (it's pretty long too). Another specialty of this method are the ingredients: not only do you get warm water, but in it are fiberous seeds and a volcanic clay called bentonite. The former scrubs, while the latter attracts positive ions.


  • Since the claim is that your colon traps decades of toxins with layers of mucus, and that these toxins are always seeping into your blood, clearing them out would do you good (increase your energy and allow your body to heal other ailments).


  • Clearing out toxins inevitably releases some of them into the bloodstream, making you ill for several days.
  • The full treatment will leave your bowel depleted, in terms of those "friendly germs" we keep hearing about in those yogurt commercials. It would then be the appropriate time to eat more yogurt.

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