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Combat Medic

A Quake Team Fortress class

The Combat Medic is a medium speed class with average armor. He can wear a limit of 100 yellow armor. He uses the medikit/bioweapon, the shotgun, the super shotgun, and the super nailgun. His grenade types are Hand and Concussion. A good class in most situations, the medic is good at close or medium range, and packs enough punch to kill any of the lesser-armored classes. A good addition to offensive teams, and an even better addition to defensive groups through his use of the medikit. A great class for clearing out snipers that are pinning a team down.


The medic's axe has two modes: Medikit and BioWeapon.
The medikit has "ammunition" which the medic can replenish by collecting health boxes when he's already at full health.
- In Bioweapon mode, when the medic hits someone with the axe, they will become infected, and begin to lose health. Anyone coming into contact with an infected person also becomes infected, although medics are immune to it.

- In Medikit mode, when the medic hits someone with the axe, he will heal them back to full health, and remove any adverse effects they might be feeling, such as infection, Concussion, Blindness, Burning, or Hallucination. If the player hit by the Medikit is already at full health, they'll receive 5 Mega-Health. Every time the medic hits the player he'll bestow an extra 5 Mega-Health, upto a limit of 50 over the player's max health. The Mega-Health slowly disappears over time. The Medic uses up 1 medikit ammo for every 5 Mega-Health he applies.

N.B. On TF net servers, the BioWeapon and Medikit are combined into one weapon, to make it easier to use. When you hit someone with the Medikit/Bioweapon the effects depend on the person you hit: You heal teammates, and you infect enemies.

Other Notes:

The medic heals himself over time, if he has the available medikit ammo.
The Team Fortress Classic combat medic is one of the best offensive classes because of the ability to concussion jump while having good firepower (as opposed to the scout). A concussion grenade can launch a medic from one battlement to the other in 2fort and from the doorway to second capture point in Dustbowl. A single handheld concussion grenade is enough to propel a medic up the elevator shaft in 2fort. Combined with one of the fastest speeds of all classes and sentry gun destroying ability, the medic can own the capturing category.

Offensive-wise, do not underestimate the power of the weapons. The super shotgun can take down any class, given the correct strategy. With its instant hits, the super shotgun is excellent even at long distances provided you have good aim. The super nailgun can take down a level 1 sentry gun even while it's shooting at you, and can take down any level sentry gun down faster than most classes, even while an engineer is repairing it. The medkit is an excellent asset to help out teammates with, and great to annoy enemies with. The best part is you don't even need to be facing an enemy to infect them, which is great for extremely close-quarter combat. Infect them then go for the super shotgun, so if you die, you at least you gave them a going-away present.

Concussion grenade jumping allows you to reach ridiculous heights and lengths. While you can toss a conc for your allies, only the medics and scouts can do double and triple concjumps. This is performed by launching a conc, priming another one and holding it, getting propelled by the first one, then at the apex of the jump if the timing is correct the handheld conc will explode, propelling you even further. Practically nothing is out of reach with this ability, and double concjumps are actually useful for big maps such as Osaka and Maya. However, it mostly seems to remain in the domain of concjump/skill maps such as concmap_r and concmap_csi.

Basic strategies against other classes:

Movement is key. You move fast and can confuse enemies. Make them unable to guess where you will be next. Your weapons require multiple hits to kill, and you can self-heal if you have enough ammo, so draw out the battle if possible. You must be able to aim and anticipate where your enemies will be. Unfortunately, playing this way requires you to have a low ping, so if everyone else has a millisecond jump on you, it's probably best if you try a class that requires less precision.

Scout - Aim well, avoid their concs and caltrops, should be a piece of cake. Chances are, they'll be running away from you.

Sniper - Snipe them with the supershotgun at long range, or in close quarters infect them then go for the supershotgun or nailgun. Get them before their autorifle does.

Soldier - I like taking them on at long range with the supershotgun, and you can move faster than they can so dodging their supershotgun should be easier. In close range take advantage of the fact that they will take damage from their own rockets, use lots of circle-strafing, and feel free to infect if you can get that close.

Demoman - At long-range you'll be going against a regular shotgun so that should be easy. At close range they'll usually be leaving grenades all over the place so watch out for those, but they're definitely takeable.

Medic - You know what you're up against, it comes down to who has the better skill. Aim, anticipate, use lots of movement. I prefer the supershotgun but if your aim sucks use the nailgun and lead (but you really ought to play another class then). Remember, the medkit is useless. =)

Heavy Weapons Guy - They are rooted down while shooting, use that to your advantage. That means circle-strafe and change directions to confuse them. Use cover to self-heal. At long to medium distances it's best to find cover immediately. Infection is the desperation move when your health is dwindling. The most rewarding class to waste.

Pyro - At long-range the rockets are easily dodged. At close range the incendiary cannon gets very annoying. Best at medium distances where the cannon can't reach and you still have time to dodge rockets. General aim and movement strategy.

Spy - Almost the same strategy as against medics, but avoid extremely close range as a stab in the back will kill you instantly and that knife does a lot of damage. Their shotgun is pretty powerful and they have good movement so watch out.

Engineer - Almost the same strategy as against medics. They have a supershotgun so are evenly matched. They are most probably gravitating near their sentry gun so that is the real challenge. Best to take the sentry gun down from a long distance, and if the engineer is trying to repair it, will get blown away when their sentry gun does too. Find the right angle behind cover, or get far enough away.

Basic stragies for some maps:

2forts - Concjump from battlement to battlement. Concjump up the elevator shaft. Have teammates clear out defenses on your path. You get the glory, but don't forget to thank them for helping you be a capping machine. This map is not condusive to combat especially when crowded, so concentrate on caps.

The Well - Concjump over the middle divider, concjump out of the water and onto the tower, grab the flag, and concjump over the middle divider for the fastest cap possible. Combat is possible with lots of large areas and maneuvering room.

Dustbowl - Concjump from roof of right tunnel directly onto first cap (slight bend), no sentry gun can catch up to you. Concjump from right outside the left tunnel directly onto the second cap (another slight bend to avoid building), and no sentry can catch up to you. No secondary grenades on the third round, so do a normal grenadejump from the corner directly onto the third cap, but you'll have to avoid skilled snipers before your launch. Go for the threepeat. Lots of good spots for combat.

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