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The Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games (CAR-PGa) was founded in 1987 by two gamers as a reaction to an Entertainment Tonight exposé by Geraldo Rivera about the "dangers" of Dungeons & Dragons. The Texas-based organization exists to promote and defend FRPGs through research, advocacy and public relations.

Despite the fall of BADD and the decrease of mainstream anti-gaming sentiment throughout the 90's there continue to be challenges made against the legitimacy of the hobby. Even today journalists sometimes juice up their crime stories by over-emphasizing or entirely fabricating links between suspects or victims and gaming. As if this weren't enough in two cases wire services were found to have inserted paragraphs slamming the hobby into otherwise responsible articles without even notifying the journalists who wrote them.

Today many prisons throughout the US refuse inmates access to role-playing games and not because they are considered a luxury. Instead RPGs are banned due to vague claims such as their adverse effects on "order and security". Despite research using the FOIA no evidence has been found to back up these explanations and attempts to solicit more details from prison officials are invariably met with stonewalling tactics.

These are the sorts of things the CAR-PGa seeks to document and change.

The organization can be found at http://www.car-pga.org/

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