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Binary Acids
HF, hydrofluoric acid
HCl, hydrochloric acid
HBr, hydrobromic acid
HI, hydroiodic acid
HCN,* hydrocyanic acid
H2S, hydrosulfuric acid

HClO4, perchloric acid
HClO3, chloric acid
HClO2, chlorous acid
HClO, hypochlorous acid
H2SO4, sulfuric acid
H2SO4, sulfurous acid
HNO3, nitric acid
HNO2, nitrous acid
H3PO4, phosphoric acid
H2CO3, carbonic acid

Organic Acids
HCOOH, formic acid
CH3COOH, acetic acid
C6H5COOH, benzoic acid
HOOC-COOH, oxalic acid

*Contains three items but is treated as a binary acid

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