In the biblical days it must have been simpler. God fought Lucifer and they vied in a struggle for power which gave way to a sort of game. Let's see who can get the most souls! Souls went one way or the other. Heaven or Hell. Up or Down. Good or Bad. Easy, right?

Lately it seems ol' Satan has a lot of competition in his bid for souls. There are a whole slew of new secular competitors in the divine Othello match. Corporations, special interest groups, corrupt governments, and individuals collide in an insane left and right-wing, nazi, insecurity-driven, fascist, capitalist, communist, vegetarian, Christian, Scientologist, Promise Keeper, television, cheerleader, monkey, goat, bloated, pig, Catholic, Islamic, drug-crazy, pharmaceutical, media revisionist, censorship, soccer mom, numbnut, prosetylizing mess, factions all crying out for your blood, sweat, and tears. Whether they want to make you into the perfect consumer, votary, soldier, or breeder, they make no secret that they're out for the homogenization of humanity, which leaves your individuality, that which makes you, you, baking in the sun on the road of their "progress" like steaming roadkill.

You rule yourself. What do you want out of your life?

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