First, lets start with The Basics
Ok, the round thing is a steering wheel
Also, you need to know how to work the Indicators.
The big lever to your side is a Handbrake.
The three pedals are (from left to right) are the
  1. Clutch
  2. Brakes
  3. Accelerator / Gas pedal
If you only have two pedals, you're driving an automatic and only have pedals 2 and 3. You won't need to know about the stick shift or How to drive a clutch.
See the Car Metanode for a list of many more car parts.

Now, we're reay to learn some Techniques

Learn all about Driving <--- here
How to Drive: Four Way Stops
Defensive Driving
Driving in Snow

Feel you're ready for a little Advanced Theory?

When travelling abroad, check the list of Countries that drive on the left

If you're in Texas, Driving in Austin might be particularly interesting to you. You might prefer to try Driving in the Mountains.
Also, see the (excellent) node on Tips for Driving in the Middle East
Knowing the Truths of Driving and...
avoiding poor driving habits will both make you a better driver

Remember, driving under the influence is a bad thing
Just a little metanode. Please /msg me (TallRoo) with any corrections/updates.

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