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Here's one of those lovely little things to think about:
1) Consider all the people that you have kissed within a given group of people, this group being your group, the (more-or-less) standard group of people you do things with e.g. go to pubs, clubbing, whatever.
2) Consider all of the people within the group, and think of all the other people they have kissed that are either a) also group members or b) group hangers-on (i.e. not quite members for some undefinable reason, but within the wider circle, or possibly members of another linked group)
3) Think of each one of these kisses as 1 jump.
4) Now, how many jumps does it take to get to most of the group from yourself?

Note: If the answer to number 4 is ~2, I'd advise moving on. Things have officially got too weird at the point IMHO

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