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A RTS set in space, similar to Starcraft. Published by Ubisoft, created by Fever Pitch Studios. At the time of it's release(August 2001) the graphics were a bit dated, but more than made up for by the excellent gameplay.

Each map contains wormholes to other maps as well as several planets and resources, which are harvested by the player to construct more weapons of war. The resources are Gas, Ore, and People.

Gas is obtained from fields of nebulae, plasma clusters, Gas giants and Earth type planets.
Ore is obtained from Asteroid belts, Barren planets, and Earth type planets.
Population can only be harvested from Swamp type planets and Earth type planets.
Planets are also used for the construction of most types of research and production facilities.

There are three different races, each with it's own entirely different technology tree and units:

The Terrans, who are heavily ore and technology dependent, the Celareon, who are energy dependent with shields and cloaking devices, and the Mantis, who utilize swarm tactics and massed attacks.

I liked the game a lot, since I am an RTS freak. There are quite a few missions, and they are varied in type and style.

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