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We like to consume.

We feel no need to be stupid about it.

Market to us, sell us your wretched things. Each among us will buy in his measure.

Do not play us for fools, though.

We appreciate humor, but we're quite aware of what you're doing.

Simple ads, please. Tell us what the product is, and don't intrude upon our entertainment more than absolutely necessary. We like free entertainment and are willing to endure ads. Please make them make sense, though.

We're aware we don't need your wretched things, for the most part. And if they're wretched things we need, chances are your competitors can beat your price. So be nice. Make us love your brand in wholesome ways.

Give us a sale now and again.

Work, sweat, and love your warranty plans.

You are but one in a crowd...we are a crowd united. Respect us.

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