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ring Yes? No. Everything is fine. We are all fine. Yes. Yes. I know. But you have our list of demands, and we will talk when you have them. No, I don't need any food. Don't call them hostages! We're just detaining these people until the CEO gets here with the money. It's not the same. Go back to negotiating school. click


WHAT? WHAT? No, we cannot wait. Yes, I do mean NOW. Wait, let me show you something. .....

Hey, Allen, walk Liz Beth over to the window
Now, you see this nice lady, she is waiting with us. WAITING WITH US. DO YOU WANT TO SEE ANOTHER SIDE OF HER? AM I BEING CLEAR? click


Hello, yes, we are all fine, here............why? Gunfire, yes there was some. Bloodshed? Wow, that's a provocative term ... Is that really necessary, don't scare the kids, OK? One security guard, OK. Some guy playing hero. That's all. OH FINE, YELL AT ME, THAT WILL HELP, THAT WILL HELP TONS. YOU HAVE ONE HOUR, UNDERSTAND THAT? FINE. click


Hello, yes. We are ready, but the SWAT guys need to stay down there. If they come in, there could be complications. OK? Do we understand each other? What do you mean an escort? NO WAY! AM I NOT ENUNCIATING CLEARLY ENOUGH? I SAID, NO WAY ...


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