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A common practice at many companies. When an executive or departmental director decides to leave the organization, his or her assistant circulates a memo inviting employees to a farewell luncheon (at their own expense) and asks for a cash contribution to be donated toward the purchase of a lovely parting gift.

It is worthy to give someone you've worked closely with a token of some sort to let them know how much you appreciate them. Nevertheless, there is a nagging feeling that it may be impolite to issue a company-wide request for money on behalf of someone whose own standard of living, when compared to your own meager means, has often led you to conclude that they must have gold coins tumbling out of their ass at regular intervals during the day, much like a slot machine.

I would rather the situation be reversed; the departing executive should shower us peons with gifts as they go, perhaps as a way of ensuring Heaven's blessings on them for their generosity to the poor. We could look up at them with tear-stained faces as they ride off in their golden carriages, clutching our Mont Blanc pens and promising to include them in our humble prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mother.

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