"Converting Vegetarians" is Infected Mushroom's fourth album, and it is quite a bit different than their previous albums, showing their willingness to experiment, grow, and try new styles and ideas in their music. And also, the cover art of a brain impaled on a fishhook is awesome!

The album consists of two CDs. The first CD is the classic Infected psy-trance that we all know and love. The second CD is a bit experimental for Infected Mushroom, consisting of freestyle electronica.

Track listing:

CD 1: (Psychedelic Trance)

  1. Albibeno
  2. Hush Mail
  3. Apogiffa Night
  4. Song Pong
  5. Chaplin
  6. Echonomix
  7. Scorpion Frog
  8. Deeply Disturbed
  9. Semi Nice
  10. Yanko Pitch

CD 2: (Freestyle electronica)

  1. Converting Vegetarians
  2. Elation Station
  3. Drop Out
  4. Avratz
  5. Blink
  6. Shakawkaw
  7. Pletzturra
  8. I Wish
  9. Ballerium
  10. Selecta
  11. Illuminaughty
  12. Jeenge
  13. Elevation



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