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I don't know how people burn things all the time.

The BBQ is one of the best places to cook. You always get it perfectly cooked the way you like it, charred or not, juicy or not, slow cooked or not, flavored or not... any combination.

Now, cooking at high power is incredibly easy. First, to be sure that flavor is sealed in, lather it generously with any sauces you prefer. (Optional, obviously. Works for chicken, hamburger, corn, potatos... pretty much anything you want to BBQ) Now fire it up! Put your BBQ on highest power setting and let it warm up. ("hot" up, I should say)

Once it is as hot as it'll get, throw on your food. Listen to it sizzle and pop... but the key here is your nose. After about 60 seconds, you should smell a little bit of burning. Don't be shy to peek under your food and make sure it isn't burning. And 3-2-1-flip! There is no reason to slow cook your food.

Continue flipping! Flip every 30-90 seconds, depending on the food. MEAT: After about 3 minutes, poke a hole in the top of the meat with the corner of your spatula. Flip it over so the hole is facing the flames. Then, squash the meat with your spatula, squeezing out any unwanted juices. Squeeze to taste. :) FOIL: Most things not meat are cooked in foil on the BBQ. Your cue to flip these over is when the foil gets some black singing or soot on it.

The same sort of theme, stir stir stir! after the pan warms up, don't let the soup sit still. Some people say this is a waste of time and energy, but I can boil a can of Campbell's soup in about 90 seconds (in a pre-heated pot).

The Kraft dinner box suggests a medium setting, cooking your Kraft dinner at a low boil. I say all-out boil. Why?

Boiling Water Stirs The KD For You! The bubbles rising from the bottom continuously stir the KD around. After the water starts boiling, dump in your KD, and stir it for about 15 seconds to be sure it doesn't stick. Once the water gets back up to full-tilt boiling, the KD will start swirling and you won't have to touch it for a few minutes. Also finishes cooking faster!

I also find that adding milk to the mix is completely optional. Adding a dab of water instead, or heck, just putting in the cheese mix with a liberally strained set of wet noodles works too.

Hope some people won't fear the MAX... never follow directions, do what you think will taste good and save time. :)

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