Made in South Australia by Cooper's Breweries, Cooper's Sparkling Ale is arguably one of Australias finest beers, certainly for those who prefer beer to lolly water, and is one of the only Australian beers that is enjoyable when served at room temperature.

It is naturally brewed, using none of the foaming agents or other nasties that are common in other beers, and is fermented in the bottle or keg where it is stored. This process means it never actually gets filtered, so it has a cloudy appearance from the yeast residue left in the bottle. A lot of Coopers drinkers say their beer is the closest thing you can find to good homebrew without actually drinking homebrew.

When it is served in a bar, it is common for the bar staff to invert the bottle, causing the sediment at the bottom to mix through the beer, before tapping the top of the bottle with a hard object. This tapping releases some carbon dioxide from the beer, preventing it from foaming out of the bottle when opened. Another method, and this is my favourite, is to roll the bottle along the bar a few times. This also mixes up the sediment, but requires no tapping before the bottle is opened.

Cooper's Sparkling Ale is one of the strongest beers produced in Australia, with an alcohol content of 5.7%. Due to its high yeast content, it can reach a higher alcohol concentration by allowing it to warm slightly and leaving it for a few days. The yeast is also great for providing entertaining flatulence, as it does its magic in the digestive system, and can warm the doona on those chilly winter nights.

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