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1 An island in northwest Greece, one of the Ionian Islands.
Area: 227 sq mi (590 sq km).
Population: 105,043

2 A city & port in on east Corfu.
Population: 36,875
A Greek Island at which you might consider a stopover if you are travelling to Greece via ferry from Brindisi in Italy. Through a bizarre twist of fate what was to be a trip direct from Brindisi to Patras and then on to Athens turned into a two day stopover in Corfu. Being somewhat stressed out backpackers we were talked into this alternative after being advised that we'd missed the ferry we needed to go direct to Patras. Knowing full well we were probably being conned we agreed anyway.

Corfu turned out to be one of the nicest places we visited. It's not especially greek, in fact it seemed populated mostly by bright-red englishmen on their summer holiday. It's not as dry as the islands in the Cyclades, and there's some good sightseeing to be had if you decide to hire a moped or a Suzuki Samurai and take a look around.

There's plenty of bars, lots of opportunity to experience watersports and (if you're that way inclined) lots of cheap low-quality goods available from the various grocery stores.

It was also here that I made the discovery that the the Greek have an unhealthy obsession with ancient pornography. Seriously, from miniature urns to playing cards, everything is 'ancient erotica' this and 'ancient erotica' that.

I also have it on good authority that the Pink Palace is the best youth hostel to stay in when visiting Corfu. Perhaps fortunately we stayed away from the debauchery of the toga party that was going on the night we arrived.

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