I mean, how many hours does your kid SPEND in the car, really? I mean, you're in suburbia, so nothing is more than five minutes away from everything else. We can assume that you are a kind enough parent to not leave your kid to bake in the Saturday sun while you run in to get your dry cleaning, or in the case in New Orleans, play video Poker (one woman's child actually died from this kind of neglect).

And to top it off, you have to use those sunshields with the modern versions of the cartoons I grew up watching as a child: Tweety Bird, Taz, Bugs. I must suffer because you see everything now as a way to visually entertain or distract your screaming infant?

You really just need to take your wife somewhere, get a babysitter, and get laid. No wait. That's how you came to be the subject of my node in the first place. Oh well, never mind. You're a lost cause.

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