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Title:Corpse Killer
Developer:Digital Pictures
Publisher:Digital Pictures
Date Published: 1994 (US), 8/25/1995 (Japan, by Acclaim Japan)
Platforms: 3DO, Genesis/Megadrive, Saturn, 32X and finally Sega CD

Yet another Full Motion Video game appearing on pretty much any console capable of displaying video around the time it was released. This time the genre is Shoot-'em up. As with most FMV games gameplay is often sacrificed for the sake of graphics. In the case of Corpse Killer, interactivity is more prominent than in, for example, Night Trap. The result of this is that the game tends to be of a considerably slower pace when compared to other FPS games.

You play an elite soldier sent to a remote island (stop me if you've heard this one before). In true horror form the island has been infested by zombies, as a result of some experiments by the delightfully named Dr. Hellman. The game features other enemies that seem to come about as the result of some bad voodoo, such as scarecrows, demons and remarkably generic monsters. People have said that this game is a Resident Evil prototype, this seems a bit of a stretch to me, but it is indeed feasible. The plot never goes far beyond "find comrade, shoot baddie", but it's as good as can be expected from Digital Pictures.

In terms of control a light gun is an absolute necessity for this game, playing with a control pad adds a whole new level of difficulty to the game, as the slow movement of the cursor means one often takes near fatal damage in the time it takes to move from one enemy to the next. This together with grainy visuals and some truly appaling voice acting make the game pretty much unbearable.

In conclusion, besides having a great name and a villain with an equally super name, this game fails to make any major impact.

See also: Sewer Shark, Night Trap and Jurassic Park

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