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Sometimes, I think I am Fate's Cosmic Chew Toy. She has me between her ethereal fangs, and she gnaws on me simply to hear what kind of squeaky-noises I might make. Oooh, he's happy now? What if we just take away THIS... *squeak*.. Ooh, he has a new girlfriend who he loves very much... well, not for long.. *squeak*

I think this is quite similar to being the World's Pissing Tree.. well, not quite that low. Sometimes Fate likes to play with her chew toys and let them have a smidgen of happiness before.. *squeak*.

Disclaimer: I don't advocate this mode of thinking. I don't normally think of my life as that of a chew toy.
Normally, I'm ok with how my life goes. Just sometimes we all feel like a chew toy...


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