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Game Design: Koji Kenjoh
Programming: Shiohigaler Itoh
Original character design: Fanchan
Graphics: Tatsuya
Sound: Strong Yoshie

Okay. So you take Galaga, spruce it up with fancy 16-bit graphics (no, this isn't Galaga '88), and replace all the enemies with freakish cartoon aliigator-dragon-alien-type things. Feature those things prominently in the game, call them the Cosmo Gang, and wheeha! You got yourself one of Namco's arcade titles from 1991.

That's basically it. Well, not really, as Namco also redid the old CHALLENGING STAGES, wherein you must defend your turf from the Cosmo Gang one way or another. They're more mini-game-esque, as it breaks from the normal game as opposed to the original Galaga.

The music is also pure, 16-bit Namco arcade goodness. It's highly recognizeable, and brings a smile to my pretty face.

Cosmo Gang the Video and Cosmo Gang the Puzzle got overshadowed pretty quickly by three titles Namco released within the 1991-92 timeframe. Star Blade, Final Lap 3 and Suzuka 8 Hours captivated arcade audiences, leaving Namco's distributors full of Cosmo Gangs but scrambling trying to get Suzuka (well, it could've happened!) Please don't make the same mistake today. Go play Cosmo Gang the Video.

Nitpicker's Note: This game and its Puzzle variant are named Cosmo Gang, not Gangs, in MAME and in the title screens.

"C'mon you guys! Steal energy!"

F/A --- Cosmo Gangs the Puzzle

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