compiled overview of 20tons of shit, the fucked-up Cossack 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

After the success of their latest 'Mech designs, the leaders of the St. Ives Compact Military were eager to bring newer and lighter designs into their noticeably heavy arsenal. In an effort to create a 'Mech that would be popular with pilots, Commander Caroline Seng brought together her regimental commanders and an engineering team to agree on basic specs for the new machine. Initially, the design team called for the fastest recon 'Mech that Ceres Metals Industries could build. After some deliberation, however, they settled for a moderately fast recon unit with significant firepower.

The involvement of more offices and departments in the St. Ives Military led to four more design revisions, and Ceres engineers received requests for several more changes even after the prototype began combat trials.

Caroline Seng tried to end the influx of conflicting requirements by officially contracting with Ceres for a 'Mech based on the first redesign, the well-armed recon unit. Even as the first 'Mechs began to enter service, however, whole new sets of requirements continued to flood Ceres’ offices on Warlock.

The Cossack is a relatively inexpensive design intended to fill a number of roles in the expanding roster of the St. Ives Compact Military. Even with the expense of its extralight power plant, the design is still extremely affordable. As a scout, the Cossack performs only adequately. Its Pitban LFT-65 jump jets allow it to quickly pass over rough terrain, but a top speed of just under 100 kph leaves it too slow to escape many of the leading enemy scout elements it will face. Likewise, its armor is not sufficient to protect it while making a fighting retreat.

In line regiments, however, the Cossack might make an excellent harasser. Teamed with similarly armed 'Mechs and/or vehicles, it will be dispatched to finish off battlefield stragglers. Its MilDouglas "Duke" SRM-6 Launcher, Kajuka Type 2 "Bright Blossom" Medium Laser, and pair of Jackson Model 12 Small Lasers give it the firepower to effectively undertake such missions. But if the Cossack pilot encounters heavier resistance than expected,he damn well better use the Endicott Type 22 Maser Communications System instead and cry for help.

The Cossack’s true destiny may lie in the Home Guard units scattered across the St. Ives Compact. It costs little more than most other light 'Mechs, making it an ideal choice for the limited budgets of militia units. While the Cossack cannot hope to stand alone against most of the 'Mechs it might face in combat, 2 lances of Cossacks can produce a rain of fire that few MechWarriors would wish to weather.

Named for Khorsakov’s Cossacks in honor of that mercenary unit’s faithful service, the first Cossacks will be a gift to their namesake unit. Others are tentatively, assigned to the St. Ives Academy Training Cadre.

With relations between the St. Ives Compact and the Capellan Confederation rapidly deteriorating, the Cossack is likely to receive its trial by fire far sooner than its creators anticipated.

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Cos"sack (k?s"s?k), n. [Russ. kozak', kazak': cf. Turk. kazk.]

One of a warlike, pastoral people, skillful as horsemen, inhabiting different parts of the Russian empire and furnishing valuable contingents of irregular cavalry to its armies, those of Little Russia and those of the Don forming the principal divisions.


© Webster 1913.

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