2002 movie based on an attraction at Walt Disney World, the Country Bear Jamboree. The movie is about a big fan of the band, Beary Bearington, played by Haley Joel Osment, trying to get the band back together, after he leaves his all too human family to find his "higher purpose". Along the way, he meets the founding manager of the band, Henry Dixon Taylor. Then they set out to get the members of the band back together, one by one, starting with Fred Bedderhead, Zeb Zoober, then Tennessee O'Neal, and while not technically a band member, Trixie St. Clair. Meanwhile, we see that Reed Thimple, portrayed by Christopher Walken wants to destroy CBH unless someone can come up with $20,000. Then, the gang meet up with the founder of the band, Ted Bedderhead. He rejects at first, but then relents, and eventually Country Bear Hall is saved.

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