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You suddenly glance up and, for the first time, see the girl sitting across from you. You happily invite her into your life, expecting that Something More to proceed from the invitation, never knowing that it will only push her further away. How can I love him if I know him?

But you are persistent. You talk to her every night, for hours at a time. You tell her how much she means to you, in the most cryptic terms available. You inquire about her day. You make her feel like she's worth a million times what she feels her worth to be. Little do you know she has fallen in love, against her own will. Although the electricity passing between you is high, you assume that you've passed through that initial attraction to the safe, comfortable world of Just Friends, move on, and break her heart when you take her out for dinner and tell her about the girl in your dorm you want to get to know a little better. She smiles and gives you the advice you requested.

You moved deeper into her life without realizing it, trying so many times to explain to her what Real Love was, the kind you know, that her narrow view was just a glimpse of infinite possibility, of an unexplainable, mystical power stronger than anything in her known, scientifically-proven universe. When she found love unexpectedly, you gave her strength not to be afraid, to go forward with what would eventually end and bring her back once again to you. You held her when her sky-high expectations were shattered and traveled for hours just to sit by her in her hour of need. You watched her sleeping peacefully amidst the ruins of the castles she had built in the air, praying that somewhere, something you had tried to say, to do, to be, had made sense.

And indeed, you did...now, she does not know what she will do without you. Perhaps you have expanded her horizons, but not to your extent. You want her to see love, but she only sees you now. And if you tell her no, it will destroy everything you have worked for. You love her, but this was never the end you intended.

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