Coverdale Page was a joint venture of singer David Coverdale and guitarist Jimmy Page. Coverdale is best known as the lead singer of Deep Purple (he replaced Rod Evans) and Whitesnake. For a time there were rumors that he would be the fourth lead singer of Van Halen, but that never panned out. Page is considered one of the greatest guitarists in rock history. He is most famous as the guitarist and mastermind of Led Zeppelin, although he performed briefly with The Firm during the 80's and did some solo work. While Coverdale had performed with Ritchie Blackmore with Deep Purple and Steve Vai with Whitesnake, Jimmy Page was a serious step up in the music world. Comparisons can be drawn between Coverdale and Robert Plant, Page's vocalist with Led Zeppelin, both in style and talent. Clearly there were great possibilities in this matchup and the album doesn't disappoint.

Their self-titled album came out in 1993 and was their only official release. They were backed up by the rhythm section from Bad English, with Denny Carmassi on drums and Ricky Phillips on bass. Fans with high expectations based upon their past successes were given a superb record, but what they produced was not simply a fusion of Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake. Both talented and creative musicians and songwriters, the two bounced suggestions off of each other, building up ideas until they produced a full sound complete with elements of both but so much more. The tracks range from very fast and bluesy rockers to quiet brooders built upon haunting, edgy melodies. Page's lean and expressive guitar cuts through the album, building and dying away in support of Coverdale's powerful vocals, then ripping into heavy, but very detailed rhythms and solos. The songs are rich and strong, perhaps lacking some of the finesse of Led Zeppelin's The Rain Song or Tangerine, but are excellent songs in their own right. Fans expecting to hear more of the same from David and Jimmy may not find this album lives up to their expectations, but it should be appreciated for what it is, an excellent release from two of rock's most talented musicians.

Coverdale Page did a brief tour of Japan to support their album, performing original pieces as well as Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake favorites. Some bootlegs of these concerts are available. The album was not a commercial success, sadly, and Coverdale and Page decided to move on to other projects. Page would team up with Robert Plant in 1994 to release No Quarter, a mix of new material and old Led Zeppelin hits with a Moroccan twist, following up a creative path which Page had begun back in the 70s. Coverdale released two more albums with Whitesnake in the 90s and released a solo album in 2000 entitled Into The Light.

Coverdale Page
Track Listing

  1. Shake My Tree
  2. Waiting On You
  3. Take Me For A Little While
  4. Pride And Joy
  5. Over Now
  6. Feeling Hot
  7. Easy Does It
  8. Take A Look At Yourself
  9. Don't Leave Me This Way
  10. Absolution Blues
  11. Whisper A Prayer For The Dying


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