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Happy Easter.*

Looking at the news, bbc news today, fungk.

Covid 19 is morphing and worse. That British strain, whooo eeee. And there will be other strains. Cross your fingers about the vaccines.

Ok, let's see. My intuition says we are half way. I hope it's wrong. Do you hope it's wrong? Fungk. I want to be wrong because my son and future daughter in law put their wedding off from last mother's day to this mother's day to next April. If we are half way... well, ok, they might be able to get married amidst the bodies.

Yeah, I'm a Cheerful Charlie on Easter, aren't I? Oh, gosh, the Cheerful Charlies in Walt Kelley's Pogo, the "summer camp" of the Russian Gulag. Hysterical and poking fun at everything and everyone.

B takes me to Costco about ten days ago. The Introverted Thinker is flying in the day before my birthday, for a week. I am turning the big 60, 5 times 12, another Year of the Ox. You'd think in your year things would be good, but no, the birth years are usually challenging. I've had enough of that already. It said I might have health challenges, ha, ha. Fungk.

Anyhow, he's pushing the cart because I am sick and neurologically weird, laugh, high energy and when the PANDAS are biting, I dress up. I don't know, the bacteria like bright colors, ok? Fungk me running. We come to Apricots with Probiotics.

"Hey, apricots with bacteria!" I say. "Yum!" I drop the huge bag into the cart. B laughs. "You'll make people nervous."

"Well, it's true," I say. "Probiotics are bacteria." I read the bag. "Mostly lactobacillus in this. Cool."

Another pair is alerted by this and are watching us. "I like your jacket!" says one.

"Thanks!" I yell happily through my mask. I am happy happy happy.

B rolls his eyes but he's grinning. We are both shopping and will split the bill later. He does a Costco run about once every 2 months and spends 3-400 dollars. I have been in costco three times, twice with him. This time I am buying too.

I am stocking up. "Are you sure about those apples?" says B. "How much can your daughter eat?"

"I got a dehydrator. If she doesn't eat them I'll dry them." I should do that today. But my chest hurts like shit. So maybe I should attempt to rest.

"Ok," he says, raising his brows.

I grin at him and he grins back.

The total is close to $1000.00. All food except I throw in some solar powered lights. Don't know why. That is 1-2 nights before the power grid goes down. Oh, that must be why. I don't know the future, I fungking swear it.

I spent a little over half of it. Now I gots food. I feel reassured.

B gots food too.

Just saying. Stock up, honeychildren. Fasten your seatbelts. The plane has not yet landed and I sense some turbulence in the weather....

* Written at Easter, taken down, put back up June 18th.

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