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Oh, buy, I mean, oh boy. I am getting advertisements in my email for quackery related to covid 19. So here is an advertisement, lifted directly from your favorite Dr. Lizard's email, with the allopathole's answers and mine.... heh, heh.

Key: The interviewer's questions in the advertisement are bold.
The allopathoquack's answers are in regular type.
My comments are in italics. (Many thanks to the editors of E2 for feedback about making it less confusing).

Getting the vaccine?
here's what to know
Does the vaccine make you immune?

Important: Can we finnaly stop wearing those mask?

We asked top immune specialist Dr. Mark Rosenberg** for his take.
Short version: he recommends that everyone take this 1-minute home immunity test, and several key nutrients for targeted immunity.
Here's the full interview...

Alright Dr. Rosenberg, lots of people are getting vaccines right now! Does that mean we can let our guard down?

Dr. Rosenberg: Yes and no. A vaccine doesn't mean that you won't catch something.
It only means that if you do catch it, your body will probably handle it better, and there's less chance of hospitalization or death.

Dr. Lizard: Dr. R is just wrong. The way antibodies work is that they stick to viruses and then other cells eat the ball of antibodies and virus before the virus can establish itself in cells. The virus replicates by getting in to cells and taking over the replication machinery, so the body tries to kill it off before it gets established. Most of the viruses and bacteria and fungi that get "into" our body are killed before they do any damage. And anyhow, what does he mean by catch? Remember that we are essentially a brief elaboration of a tube, as Leonard Cohen says, and that our gut is a continuation of our skin. Something in our gut is not "inside" in the sense that it has not breached the tube. The guts digests stuff and only lets the good stuff in. Unless you are a caterpillar and eat a Monsanto BT toxin laced plant and all your gut bacteria die and then you die of leaky gut within 24 hours. Supposedly BT toxin doesn't hurt mammals, but I think Monsanto sticks to 24 hours and somehow killing all the gut bacteria worries me.

So is it safe to say that at some point, everyone will "catch" what's out there?

Dr. Rosenberg: Not everyone, but many more people, yes. And that's actually what needs to happen.

For example - respiratory flus and viruses don't go away... humans just develop herd immunity. That's what happend with the Spanish Flu of 1918. Variants are still out there! But because it circulated for so long, humans built up immunity to it... and we can expect the exact same to happen every time there's a respiratory virus.

Dr. Lizard: "humans just develop herd immunity"? Um, you moron. In the first winter of the "Spanish flu" (which turns out to have originated on a chicken farm in the US) over 600,000 US citizens died. Higher percentage than in the covid-19, at least so far. You kind of glossed over the dead stacked five deep in the hospital hallways in San Francisco. And half the adults on Samoa died. Half. Jesus, learn some fucking history.

Does that mean that someone should want to catch it?

Dr. Rosenberg:Honestly, It's though to know. In general, getting re-exposed after a vaccination helps maintain the immunity. It exposes your Immune system to new variants.
Think of the opposite: getting a vaccine, and then you lock down for another 2 years. That could cause your immunity to drop over time, as the virus mutates out in the real world... so you're more at-risk once you emerge.

I want to stress that this isn't medical advice or guidance. It's just the real answer based on what we know about how viruses and vaccines work.

Dr. Lizard: You are STUPID and INCREDIBLY UGLY and JUST WRONG, naturmoron. Ok, look. If we get enough people vaccinated before the damn thing mutates, then it should mostly die off. If we don't, it will eventually mutate into something else. It might mutate back into a mild cold. But maybe it'll become zikaebolacorona ARGH!

You say this isn't medical advice. Why not?

Dr. Rosenberg: It wouldn't be ethical for me to give medical advice to someone who's not my patient. I need to account for their personal health history to make recommendations.

Dr. Lizard: Yeah, that's because you are a quack, doooode, and we'd rather get advice from the CDC. Asshole.

Ok, so do you have any recommendations for the general population?

Dr. Rosenberg: absolutely, I actually put together a short video with some immunity suggestions. Here's my advice:

- first, take my 1-minute home immunity test. It's free, and it's an easy way to know if your immune system is strong, or stressed.
- second, keep your immune system strong! I recommend several plant extracts in that video, to get targeted immune support in lungs and other key organs.
A strong immune system is the difference between feeling awful, and feeling amazing... it's literally the master switch for health.

That's why I take these plant extracts every day, no matter what time of year it is. It's the best wat to stay healthy and prepared, no matter what's out there.

Thanks, and be well, everyone!

Dr. Lizard: And this: "A strong immune system is the difference between feeling awful, and feeling amazing... it's literally the master switch for health." Well, now, if you have been blown up by an IED or run over by a truck or you have chronic fatigue, your immune system may be just fucking fine, but you still might feel like shit. Also if you hear voices telling you to kill yourself, Mr. Masspathonaturoquacker. QUACK QUACK. Jesus, I fucking hate this sort of shit.

Editor's note: we watched Dr. Rosenberg's video, and we recommend that everyone watch it immediately. It is going viral (no pun intended) and several of his recommendations are selling out.

Dr. Lizard: Do not buy into this insane twisting bullshit. Get the vaccine and wear your mask and have some goddamn practical sense.

**Oh, damn, I had to correct. He's an MD not an ND. Shit. Revoke his license. Yeah, how often does "anti-aging" medicine work? He needs a proofreader too, because he writes about his mother: "But she did not die in vane." Uh-huh.
I do agree that cancer treatment may benefit from teaching people more about diet. If someone is in ketosis when they get chemotherapy, there is some evidence that the normal cells have slowed their metabolism and will take up less of the toxic chemo, and the cancer cells can't switch to ketotic metabolism (at least, that's my impression), so it could kill more cancer cells with less toxicity. But he could say that in a sentence, as I just did, and without pages and pages of mumbojumbo. I am not sure how ketosis and radiation therapy would interact, and I do not know of a study of ketosis and chemotherapy... but I haven't looked.

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