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Located in the San Gabriel Valley, it is part of the former Rancho San Jose, Covina was incorporated in 1909 and its name apparently means "place of vines" in Spanish, although its reputation was built on orange groves. From 1884 when it was divided into 10-15 acre properties for growing oranges till 1950s it still carried the motto "the best oranges in the world," and in the year of its incorporation it was the 5th largest orange producer in the world.

The Crashdown Café is located middle of Covina, in the approx. 4-6 large Old Town district that contains the city hall, hobby shops a Cal Fed and an old playhouse.

If you have ever seen the popular sci-fi show Roswell you have seen downtown Covina. The Crashdown Café, UFO center, and other easily recognizable spots of Roswell fans can be easily found in and about downtown.

Covina has a deep tradition of community events. There are at least eight major parks. The city is approximately seven square miles. The Covina Christmas parade is the third largest event of its type in all of southern California.

Covina is about 20 miles east of Los Angeles.

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