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The Cowboy Junkies are:

The three Timmins' are indeed siblings. Michael appears to be the core songwriter for the band, however, Margo dabbles in the lyrical side on a few songs throughout their discography.

I am not sure I could accurately describe their sound. Some adjectives that come to mind are: smoldering, bluesy, haunting and lyrical. Use your own ears. Trust your ears.

The name of the band is reported to not have any significance other than having a catchy, interesting sound. It is not a testament to any sort of musical addiction or obsession as far as anyone knows.

Their website can be found at http://www.cowboyjunkies.com .

The band counts the following musicians among their influences:


* - Apparently this Greatest Hits compilation is being released by RCA/BMG with no input or permission from the Junkies. The following excerpt is from a popup at their website:
Sometime this month RCA/BMG will be releasing a "greatest hits" compilation. We have absolutely nothing to do with this release. We have not been consulted about any details, from the track selection to the artwork, and were not even given the courtesy of a phone call to let us know that this release was being scheduled. This release is a huge insult to us and we ask that if you are a fan of the band that you please don't buy it. All of the tracks on this compilation are available on our other studio releases, which are available through the Junk Store. If you must have these specific tracks in this specific order then: find them on the Internet, download them for free and burn them on to a CD....you have our blessing.

It's amazing how something simple(?) like music can be so fulfilling...

There was a time when I was passing through a very difficult time of my life, trying to survive work, study (was working on my B.S. in computer science), and crumbling social life filled with emotional stress...

I still recall the state of emotional breakdown I was getting to. Damn, I still have ruined teeth tops just from the stress state I was. There were a few of mornings I took up to 15 min trying to relax the jaw muscles with exercises. Yup, that's right, a locked jaw.

When I discovered Cowboy Junkies' songs years ago, the soothing voice of Margo Timmins really served me right. I would spend the few glimpses of free time relaxing with these sad songs spoken with such delicate perfection.

I think their latest works really are the ones that touched me more deeply. Albums like Lay It Down and Open have songs with strong words, and even deeper meanings. I still recall listening to Open a few times, and wondering why it did sound sadder and sadder each time, yet giving me strength to carry on...

I don't sleep most nights,

just lie awake and count my blessings,

I'll take this endless life of perfect pointless mornings.

I'll hold you till the morning comes

'cause it's all that I can do.

I'm so open

I'm so open

I don't like these last goodbyes

I don't like goodbyes.

-- "I'm So Open", from Open (2001)

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