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"I know no fear. If you introduced me to fear, I'd be like, 'who?'"

You've seen MTV's Jackass. You've watched Jackass: the movie, bought Steve-O's video and even caught a few disgusting episodes of Dirty Sanchez (which, for those of you who don't know, is a TV show which is like Jackass, only less subtle). They are but nothing before the mighty Crazy Monkey.

In brief, one-minute slots between videos on MTV2, the four members of the Crazy Monkey team get up to a variety of extreme activities, such as:

"Gleaming the cube, man, gleaming the cube."

Foot-skating, a new kind of extreme sport, was also the subject of a twenty-minute documentary, "What is Foot-skating? Skateboard, and then some", presented by the Crazy Monkey team. Foot-skating is basically emulating skateboard tricks as best you can, without using a skateboard. That's right, with your feet. It's basically extreme walking. You can do nearly everything with foot-skating that you can with a skateboard. For example, you jump with both feet onto the edge of a wall, balance, then twist as you jump off again. Or you leap fearlessly down a flight of six steps. Or simply run along a wall. You can do it anywhere, pavements, open countryside, and you can do amazing things in a well-equipped skate park as well, though in the documentary the foot skaters were ridiculed by skateboarders and driven away by people who couldn't handle it. The documentary featured scenes of all four foot-skaters demonstrating their trademark moves, describing their unique styles and speaking frankly about their relationship with the most extreme of extreme sports.

The entire show is done fantastically well. If you've seen Jackass, you might momentarily think you were watching something just like it, but once you realise what Crazy Monkey is really about, you'll actually find it ten times funnier. The complete harmlessness of the Crazy Monkey team's activities, and their apparently deadly serious yet very witty performances make the whole thing just priceless. Even the densely-worded disclaimer prefacing each segment is pretty funny.

I haven't seen Crazy Monkey on MTV2 in the last few months, and there's no record of it on MTV's official websites; it would be a terrible, criminal shame if the show has sunk without trace. Hopefully it will be repeated one day - keep your eyes open, you will not be disappointed.

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