I see them all around me. When I go to class. Or dinner. Or hall events. Or parties. Or anime. Or anything else.

They're so focused on one thing, "what college is supposed to be like"--no matter what they believe that is--that they grasp for that and forget to bother to LIVE.
"College is partying, dude! No more parents, I'm gonna get tanked every weekend!"
"I have to get a straight 4.0 GPA or my life is OVER!"
"I have to discover who I am, every tiny last little detail! I have to have answers NOW!"

If all you do is look, seek, quest, and don't listen for the answers. suddenly you're a corpse walking around and talking, simply going through the motions. A zombie.

Yes all these things are college, "what college is supposed to be". But it's all relative. Who you are, what you do, what you find out, about life and love and self (and about calculus and writing, a little, on the sides) is invaluable. It will affect the shape and form of the rest of your life.

But if you spend all your time *looking*... you stop living... looking for answers, for meaning, for justification, has its place. But it can't be the only thing there... or in the end all you are left with *is* the search. Stop and smell the roses. Watch a sunset. Share a quiet moment with a trusted friend. Stop thinking for just one moment and just *be*.

Yes, I go about my business every day... and I see crazy mixed up kids who stopped living and became zombies... they are everywhere I go... and sometimes... they are my friends... and sometimes... they are me...

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