I happen to enjoy my Cream of Wheat sammich, however you might not. In fact, you might get sick to the stomach just thinking about one. If you are one of those unfortunate souls, I suggest you consider this recipe no further. However, if you aren't vomiting into the tiny trashcan next to your computer by now, you really should try my sammich.

This sandwich was the result of late night hunger and The Best's suggestion. I know what you're thinking, but I swear, you will like it. I am going to be making these things for breakfast, before school, on a daily basis. No more Poptarts for me!



Alright, you've decided to risk it. I admire your brass, now let's get cooking! The first thing would be to toast your hamburger buns. You should gently pack the buns with your hands, this will prevent them from getting stuck in the toaster. Hamburger buns seem to burn quite often, if this bothers you set the toaster to a lower setting. If you are as quick as you are daring you should be able to get everything else done while the bread toasts.

Next, tear open your pouch of Instant Cream of Wheat, and empty it into a small microwave-safe bowl. The packet will tell you to put in 1 1/2 to 2 cups water, don't do this! Trust me, just try to put enough water into the bowl to dampen all of the mixture. This will cause the Cream of Wheat to cake up. Now microwave the mixture for one minute. If some of it didn't get wet, don't worry. You can add a small amount of water over the dry parts, you won't notice once it's part of the sandwich.

Take the bottom bun out of the toaster and butter it. Place it on a dish. Take a spoon and your bowl of Cream of Wheat, carefully mound it onto the bun. Take the second bun and butter it. Lastly place it on top of the other bun. Leaving the top bun in the toaster until the last second keeps it warm, making it taste better, and helping the butter melt.

Please, do try my sammich, and tell me what you think.

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