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A race of advanced aliens from the anime series: Guyver.

The Creators’ real name is unknown so the humans who discovered their existence gave them the name “Creators”. Only those of Chronos, a powerful international business, know about the Creators.

Millions of years ago this ancient race came to the planet we now know as Earth with a single purpose: to breed a weapon of war. The Creators believed in biological manipulation rather than mechanical. All their major technology was biological, including their space ships and space suits (see Bio Booster Armor). The Creators spent eons of work developing the human race, a species that literally had war and fighting in its genes. Only the Creator's telepathic control over the humans kept the savage beasts from rebelling against their masters.

But they didn't stop there. Through individual genetic manipulation the Creators perfected their weapon. Humans who underwent this gene therapy could transform into monsters at will. Increasing in physical size, strength, speed, and toughness significantly. These altered humans were called "Zoanoids". There were dozens of different strains of gene therapy, each of which produced different transformations. Some were stronger or fast, some had built in biological weapons such as spitting acid or heat emission lasers (sounds weird doesn’t it?). To control these Zoanoids, the Creators refined and perfected selected gene therapies to produce a sort of "super Zoanoid", which they called a Zoalord. Zoalords had the same telepathic control over Zoanoids that the Creators did. The Zoalords were, in turn, under the control of the Creators.

Their weapons nearly perfect, the Creators were pleased. However, for some reason they abandoned earth suddenly, leaving behind the humans and the Zoanoids alike (See Bio Booster Armor). Over time, the two interbred and the less numerous Zoanoids faded out of the gene pool and were gone.

Chronos discovered the Creator's technology, including the gene therapy used to make humans into Zoanoids. They also found several of the Creator's ruined ships. It was from this ship that Chronos managed to recover the Bio Booster Armor that created the Guyvers. The conflict between Chronos and the Guyvers is the story line for the show. Chronos wants to conquer the world: the Guyvers want to stop them.

The current status of the Creator race is unknown.

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