Glasgow's premier indie record label for off-the-wall and eclectic indiepop and art-noise, and permanent home to The Secret Goldfish, Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus, The Nectarine No. 9, The Leopards, Speeder, Mongoose and Element. Creeping Bent has also released works by the likes of Adventures in Stereo, Future Pilot AKA and Mount Vernon Arts Lab.

Much of the existence of Creeping Bent as an entity is owed to the shrapnel left over from the band The Fizzbombs: label founder Doug MacIntyre, Katy McCullars from the Secret Goldfish and Steven Lironi of Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus are all ex members of the Fizzbombs.

Far more than just an ordinary record label, the 'Bent seems to function as an art collective, encouraging collaborative works between the bands that pass through it's airspace (as admirably demonstrated on the last Secret Goldfish record). Packaging and graphics all tend towards sloganism, zineism, and ismism: short, sound-bite slogans in faded, lowercase typewriter.

Bentism, a sampler CD released in 1999 (for the ridiculously low price of £3.99, or at least that's what I paid for it in Fopp) listed the complete product base of the label (now hopelessley out of date, of course), in a form reproduced (with additional commentary) below:

  1. a leap into the void -- exhibition @ the tramway, glasgow
  2. spachopper -- milkmetal
  3. the leopards -- burning
  4. the secret goldfish -- seasick
  5. revolutionary corps of teenage jesus Vs suicide -- frankie teardrop
  6. spacehopper -- mars bonding
  7. the leopards -- surf on (unreleased)
  8. the secret goldfish -- come undone
  9. various anarchists -- destructive urges
  10. adventures in stereo -- e.p.2 (blue)
  11. revolutionary corps of teenage jesus -- protection rat
  12. the secret goldfish -- make me
  13. adventures in stereo -- e.p.3 (yellow)
  14. the erotic urges of creeping bent -- magazine (Actually a magazine. Not an album named 'Magazine'...)
  15. adventures in stereo -- eponymous
  16. the secret goldfish -- e.k.o.k. e.p.
  17. bentgirl / bentboy -- garment (ie. a t-shirt. Which, though it'd be the epitome of cool, I couldn't wear. I have enough trouble explaining to people that my Meat is Murder t-shirt is about cognitive dissonance rather than vegetarianism which is why I can wear it while not actually being, strictly, a vegetarian... where was I...?)
  18. the secret goldfish -- venus bonding
  19. adventures in stereo / the leopards -- singles club #1
  20. the secret goldfish -- tartan envy
  21. the leopards -- they tried staying calm
  22. adventures in stereo -- waves on
  23. record player -- (oct 96 - oct 97) disco @ the 13th note, glassford st, glasgow
  24. policecat / the secret goldfish -- singles club #2
  25. future pilot AKA / Kim Fowley -- singles club #3
  26. adventures in stereo -- a brand new day
  27. appendix out / the leopards -- singles club #4
  28. adventures in stereo -- down in the traffic
  29. future pilot AKA Vs Alan Vega / r.c.t.j. / mount vernon arts lab -- singles club #5
  30. adventures in stereo -- alternative stereo sounds
  31. the leopards -- starlings
  32. scientific support dept. / the secret goldfish -- singles club #6
  33. the nectarine no. 9 / revolutionary corps of teenage jesus -- singles club #7
  34. appendix out / policecat -- singles club #8
  35. the nectarine no. 9 -- fried for blue material
  36. adventures in stereo -- catch my soul (unreleased)
  37. the nectarine no. 9 -- south of an imaginary line
  38. the secret goldfish -- somewhere in the world
  39. creeping bent @ meltdown / pin-ups
  40. bentism -- the underground sounds of creeping bent
Creeping Bent's web pages, for news and stuff, is at:
"Creeping Bent" is also a species of grass...

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