The node for prancing around nude had me thinking about this anime which centers on an assassin named Freeman who cannot experience emotions as a result of his conditioning. However, whenenver he completes a kill, he does shed a tear, hence the moniker. Anyway, there's a lot of sex and extreme violence, plus his woman (Emu) prances around nude all the time. Pretty bizarre stuff.

Update as requested by Stavr0: The assasin group that Freeman belongs to is 108 Dragons. His woman is named Emu who was a witness to one of his kills. Freeman's favourite method of killing is using blades that he puts on his feet. The stories were written by Kazuo Koike and the artwork was done by Ryoichi Ikegami. There were at least a couple of live-action films that were based on the manga...neither were very good.

Update (2002/01/10): The node for "Brotherhood of the Wolf" had me thinking about what else Mark Dacascos had done...and then I remembered that he did one of the live-action "Crying Freeman" films.

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