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A platform game for the PC, developed and published by Apogee Software in October 1991. The game was partially developed by Micro F/X Software before it merged with Apogee.

You play Mylo Steamwitz, a space trader who is searching the universe hoping to make a quick buck somehow, in his spaceship the Millennium Kiwi.

The game, like all Apogee games, is shareware. The first episode (The Trouble with Twibbles) is free, the other two (Slugging it Out and Mylo Verses the Supernova) are commercial.

The gameplay is simple: you have a main level, where you jump around and enter sub-levels. In these sub-levels, you have to collect all the crystals, at which point the airlock opens and you can leave. Once you've completed every sub-level, the game ends.

You have three lives in each level (represented by hearts), which you cannot restock inside the level. You have unlimited continues, and a limited supply of bullets which you can restock - but which you have to be careful with, as upon entering a new level you have the same number of bullets you ended the last level with.

This is made harder by the enemies scattered around the levels, the doors which you have to open (by toggling the lever which is the same colour as the door), and the puzzles. Of course there are the normal bits in the levels such as elevators and spikes.

Some innovative features for the time were the air compression machines (shoot one and you're dead), the hidden platforms which you have to jump into and the varied mushrooms (a green mushroom kills you, whereas a red mushroom makes you invincible for a short time). Also, in some levels you can find a key which then allows you to open the chests scattered throughout the level, each of which contains points.

A really neat part of the game is the anti-gravity feature: one level is totally anti-gravity, whereas in various others you need to take a anti gravity pill, which reverses gravity for a short while, in order to snatch some crystals. You can find Commander Keen's helmet buried in a pile of rubble somewhere in the game.

The enemies are pretty standard: there are dinosaurs, spiders, blue blobs, green fish-type things and cobras among others. The graphics for the game are very very blocky and simplistic, and the sound is PC Speaker only, and soon gets annoying.

Most of the game engine code appears to be shared with Secret Agent.

System requirements: EGA, 450k RAM. The scoreboard in this game is known not to work under Windows NT/2000/XP.

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