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The climax to The Crystal Maze, the dome was a a geodesic structure made up from triangular glass panels. Teams swapped their crystals for 5 seconds of time in the dome, averaging around 30 seconds.

It was roughly spherical in shape, around three metres tall. It had a thick metal grid placed as the floor about a metre from the bottom of the Dome, which contestants stand on. On the mesh are lots of gold and silver foil tokens. Powerful fans were mounted underneath the mesh.

Once the host called for the fans to begin the tokens would swirl upwards. A few seconds later, the host blew a whistle and the contestants tried to collect flying gold tokens and post them through a letterbox on the outside of the dome. Any silver tokens posted would subtract from the total gold score.

After the time expired, the letterbox closed and the count began. If 100 or more gold tokens were collected, after subtracting the silver tokens, you won.

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