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Several crystal skulls have been found in Mexico, Central and South America, around the ruins of Mayan or Aztec civilizations. They are supposed to have magical or healing powers. Their age is hard to discover owing to the impossibility of carbon dating crystal; one website that I visited claimed their age was between 5000 to 36000 years old.

The workmanship is extremely puzzling. Many are highly intricate, and analysis by lapidaries indicate that since they were carved against the grain it is a marvel that they did not shatter when created, or in the time since. Some of the more interesting skulls found are listed here:

While many skulls were found near Mayan ruins, it is doubted whether the Mayans had the technical skill to create anything this complex. Instead, the Aztecs are pointed to as the creators, since they created more crystal artifacts than the Mayans, as well as having skulls featuring heavily in their art and religion.

More extreme theories have postulated the skulls to be artifacts of Atlantis or Lemuria.

However, there is growing certainty that most of these are modern fakes. Electronmicroscopy on the British and the Smithsonian skulls shows straight and regular markings on the skulls consistent with modern polishing wheels, which casts severe doubt on the 'sand and water' theory.

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