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The Cult of Tetris is here. The only religion based entirely on the playing of the Nintendo game: Tetris. The theory is this: As you advance further and further through the game, it continues to speed up... on and on and on and on... In theory, (and if the Nintendo could handle it, which it can't) the game would continue to speed up into infinity. No mortal could possibly ever keep up with the game forever, it would eventually get too fast for anyone... Except God. I know you think that using Tetris to find God might be a little flaky, but you haven't quite grasped the full concept yet. The Cult of Tetris doesn't believe that you can reach any God through the playing of Tetris... The Cult of Tetris believes you will BECOME a God through the playing of Tetris! The cult is just starting up so I don't have much info on it, except that Lord Refa is the messiah, hail Tetris.

It's a beautiful dream, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

As any truly hardcore devotee to the Elorg NES version of Tetris would know, the blocks reach a nearly unmanagable speed with the arrival of Level 19. If you're especially adept at maneuvering those blocks and keeping everything low, it's theoretically possible to hold off for a while. If you're having a good day, you'll see Level 19 change to Level 20, Level 20 fade to 21, and so on.

Fortunately, the speed does not increase with each new level all the way up through Level 28.

Unfortunately, once you hit the elusive Level 29, the blocks fall sub-infinitely fast, and it is physically impossible for the NES user interface to handle moving any block more than a line or two toward either side.

Not even God can beat Tetris.

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