Another hour from the Weekend Sound Track
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Wake Up, Cordelia's Dad (from 'Spine')

The hangover of the morning has faded away, subdued by ibuprofen, newspapers, marmite toast and the first pot of coffee. The bed is absurdly comfortable, and we're curled in a heap of pillows. We didn't win the lottery. Shame, that. Ten million quid would be useful. The junk stalls on Brick Lane are already packing up. The flowers are all being tidied away from Columbia Road. No one's coming around to lunch. There's still half a pile of newspapers to read. The cats are fat, fed, and settling into their second nap of the day.

But the sun is up, up so high the room is bright with sunshine and guilt. We should be up.

Come, Friendly Spaceman, Sumosonic (Lords of Sumo Mix from 'This is Sumo')

Time to push snarl out of bed, and mew at him pitifully until he puts on another pot of coffee. No response except a bitter laugh. I whack him with the business section (it's only good for threats and lining the litter tray, after all) and push him out of bed.

Time to get up. It's one way to avoid the toast crumbs that are making the sheets scratchy, anyway. Time to wake up.

We're out of cigarettes. Time to wake up. Time to get up. Oh lord. Sunday mornings take a long time to wear off, but there's still some day to squeeze in before those late afternoon blues take a hold.

Top of the World, Shonen Knife (from 'The Birds and the B-Sides')

Coffee. More coffee. Where's my coffee? Stamp downstairs, as the grinder sends the cats into a skittering frenzy. Blink, blink into the direct noon light. Snarl's washing up and whistling (badly). Shower. I can sing in the shower. If I do it when I'm washing my hair, even I can't hear the racket I make.

Sit and drip all over the kitchen table, waiting for the coffee to brew. Feel shaky and lazy. Do we really have things to do today?

Jewels for Sophia, Robyn Hitchcock (from 'Jewels for Sophia')

Sit and frown at the vast of dead flowers. Decide to call them dried flowers, and feel better about it. Realise that we'll never be featured in the Style section.

All the Symphonies, Slipstream (from the black album)

Sneak in another section of newspaper before snarl notices that I'm not dressed. He managed to acquire clothes. Not sure when. Distract him by kissing his neck for a while. He flicks soapy water at me. I sit down and start moping again. Torment a cat with a piece of string and a feather. Cat stalks off to nap again. Wonder if I should follow her lead.

Ain't No Sunshine, Bill Withers

Sniff the milk from the fridge. Student habits die hard. Slosh some into the half pint of coffee that's in front of me.

Spiritual Love, Urban Species (from 'Listen')

Root around for make up in the handbag that's under the kitchen table. Peer into the mirror. Wish I was short-sighted as I dab powder onto too many freckles. Poke myself in the eye with a brush and swear a lot. Pick up coffee. Put it down. Blow on my fingers. Swear some more.

Stars all Seem to Weep, Beth Orton (from 'Central Reservation')

Make a shopping list while my eye waters. Spitalfields: feta; Olives; Bread; tomatoes; cucumber; mint. Wish I got up early enough to go to Columbia Road: then we'd have pots of fresh herbs outside instead of wilting bundles in jam jars.

Best Lives of Our Days, Galliano with Red Snapper (from ':4')

Fix teary powder streaks and paint my eyelids purple. feel wildly awake. Dance around kitchen. Get mascara in my eye. Start all over again.

I've Got Levitation, Julian Cope (from 'The Followers of Saint Julian')

Stomp upstairs. Pull clothes off hangers, hold them up, throw them on the floor. Rescue clothes from floor, attack them with packing tape to get the mounds of cat fluff off them. Put on the first outfit I tried. Wish we had a housekeeper and a laundry slave.

Get Up, REM (from 'Green')

Go downstairs. Rescue coffee. Poke snarl in the ribs. He's playing Sypro and hasn't got any socks on. Wave shopping list at him. Get entranced watching small dragon flying around.

Greetings to the New Brunette, Billy Bragg (from 'Talking to the Taxman about Poetry')

Slurp coffee. Decide to stay at home. There's a pile of new books on the sofa.

Beautiful Love, Julian Cope (from 'Peggy Suicide')

Pounce on snarl who is paying too much attention to small flying dragon called Spyro and not enough to me. Threaten to sing at him unless he snogs me.

I get the Sweetest Feeling, Jackie Wilson

Get snogged. Lots. Decide that staying at home all afternoon is a Very Good Idea.

Perfect Kiss, New Order (from 'Substance')

Realise that we are out of coffee beans. Hunt for the keys. Give keys to snarl. Send him out to Spitalfields as I curl up on the sofa with Lord Peter Wimsey.

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