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In real estate curb appeal refers to some ineffable quality a home has to passers by and potential buyers who might see your "for sale, open house" lawn sign but simply keep driving because your home lacks the all important curb appeal quality.

Usually curb appeal involves a freshly painted house, new modern windows, and a well-kept front lawn (the back lawn, of course, could have a rusty swing set and a rain barrel full of dead squirrels). Curb appeal can be ruined by having an old car on your front lawn, old appliances that don't seem to be close enough to the roadside as to imply they're for the trashman, a visible raccoon skeleton in your eves trough, or a tacky Bathtub Mary dug into your front lawn. Lawn gnomes should be new with all their limbs intact and not arranged in a fashion to imply they're doing unnatural things with the ceramic frog statue.

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