The film "Curdled" is about a women who has a grotesque interest in violent murders, and a serial killer (Alec Baldwin) who kills people by chopping their heads off. One thing she is particularly interested in is whether it is true that heads sometimes talk after they have been beheaded, and she even goes to length of asking this of the killer.
See also: Darwin award.
This film is the only film by director Reb Braddock, who also played a role in writing it. He seemed to enjoy the movie alot, as he made it twice. The first was in 1991, in which he was only a writer, and it was made again in 1996 with Braddock directing and a little more of a budget. It is about a Columbian immigrant girl named Gabriela who is seemingly obsessed with murders, serial killers and whatnot. She works in Miami, Florida, for a cleaning company that cleans up crime scenes after murders. Gabriela is very much like a child when it comes to murder scenes. While her co-workers are disgusted by their work, Gabriela becomes full of wonder and tries to recreate exactly "how it happened" (the crime) by looking at blood stains and and the crime scene. The movie shows she has been interested in murders since a very young age, and she also seems to believe that a decapitated head will talk for a while after it is severed.
Her obsession gets her into a wee bit of trouble when she finds a name written on the floor underneath a pool of blood at the scene of a serial murder, and sneaks into the house at night to look closer at it.

The lead character is played by Angela Jones in both films. In the latest revision, William Baldwin (not Alec Baldwin) plays the serial killer Paul Guell, whereas in the original creation, he is played by Drew Woolery, who is largely unknown and has not had many roles

This is a very twisted movie and I won't spoil the end, it's something you have to see for yourself.

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