Curious George Does LSD
a childrens' novel
Fr. Archimedes Aloysius Anarchy, RN, TCO, KSC

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Hail Eris - Kallisti - All Hail Discordia
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Curious George was a smart monkey who did a lot of fun things. He lived in a big house with his friend, the man in the yellow hat.


One morning, the man in the yellow hat gave Curious George a small white piece of paper. He told Curious George to put the paper on his tongue but not to swallow it. George put the small white piece of paper on his tongue, sat down and watched T.V.


Twenty minutes later, George began feeling very strange. As he watched the "Immature Radioactive Reptiles" on T.V. he saw them begin to melt into strange and different forms.


The man in the yellow hat sat down next to Curious George and handed him a banana. But, to Curious George, it had eyes, ears, a nose, and a mouth and was singing "Eat me! Eat me!"


Curious George then tried to peel the banana, but the banana started yelling "Don't peel me! Don't peel me!" Curious George handed the banana back to his friend.


The man in the yellow hat peeled the banana and gave it to George. He said "George, you can eat the banana now." But all George heard was "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."


Very soon, Curious George got bored with T.V. So he decided to go exploring. His friend followed him.


Curious George went down the street to what his friend called a head shop. There were a lot of neat toys to play with.


George tried the lava lamps, the black light, the strobe light and many other toys. Suddenly, George found a glow string! He went into a dark corner, and played with it, fascinated.


The shopkeeper said to George's friend, "You've dosed your monkey, haven't you?" His friend just smiled.


Soon it was time to leave. The man in the yellow hat paid for the glow string, picked up George and they went home.


As soon as they got home, George put some Grateful Dead on the C.D. player, lit up a joint, and mellowed out. Soon, he fell asleep.


The next morning, George woke up and everything was normal again --


or was it?

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