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Current Value is a German musician and DJ who produces drum and bass music. His music can be classified as belonging to the "hardstep" or "skullstep" subgenres.

He was born in Berlin. He first started playing the piano, and then he moved on to making electronic music in 1992. Some years later he started being noticed on some local radio stations in his home town, and shortly after that he started producing records. See this interview with Current Value.

He also began playing live in Berlin and other towns in Europe and USA. After that he focused on drum and bass music, and released tracks such as "Creative Robot", "Skybreaker" and "Bass Riot" on Position Chrome label in 1997.

He went on to produce music with other artists as well, such as Limewax, Donny, and Dylan.

Examples of music


*Indivisible Force




*Desert Storm with Limewax

External links

*Current Value's official site

*Current Value at Discogs

*Current Value at Myspace


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