A common nickname for Manhattan's 6th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. Indian restaurants grace nearly every building on the south side of the street and spill over into the adjacent avenues. A visitor walking down 6th Street is likely to be taken by surprise by how suddenly they appear.

The food of Curry Row has a general reputation for being cheap, but not exactly representative of the best of Indian cuisine; it's been compared (by a native of India who I will not name here) to ordering a pizza and being served a slice of wonder bread topped with ketchup and Cheez Whiz. This reputation is not entirely deserved, however. Mitali East, widely regarded as the best (but definitely not the cheapest) restaurant on Curry Row, is as good an Indian restaurant as you're likely to find in New York, and Zagat has good things to say about Baluchi's and Passage to India.

Curry Row restaurants are also famous for their glittery decor: Christmas lights up all year round, shiny foil decorations hanging from the ceiling, etc. This actually seems to be on the decline these days, perhaps because people have finally figured out that there's a strong inverse correlation between quantity of tinsel and quality of food, but there are still some quite outlandish examples around if you look for them.

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