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Customizable Card Game is what the game manufacturer Decipher calls some of its card games. They could just as well have been called Collectible Card Games, or Trading Card Games, but Decipher wants to make clear that the cards are primarily meant for playing, not collecting or trading. The name is also supposed to indicate that there can be an almost endless number of different decks created, and that they can be designed pretty much any way you want.

Of course the name is fairly stupid, but they want to be able to abbreviate it as CCG so that people immediately realize what it is. That people in general will assume that "CCG" means Collectible Card Game (as opposed to Customizable) is irrelevant, they will still be able understand what type of game it is.

At the moment Decipher has only two games that bear this title; Star Wars CCG and Star Trek CCG. (The other Decipher card games are either "Collectible" or "Trading".)

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