A shooter's combat tactic for advancing around blind corners. The basic idea is that you advance towards the corner, with your weapon raised, and keep it trained on the edge of the corner. Instead of advancing forward beyond the corner, sidestep slowly to open up your field of view beyond the corner until you have a full view down the hall or around the building or wall. This is as opposed to peeking around the corner, which can be counterproductive if someone actually happens to be beyond the blind spot, since they'll be alerted to your presence. Better to simply advance as cautiously and as readily as possible into the unknown. Some entry teams have the luxury of throwing flashbangs around every blind corner, but only when working with a limited number of corners, such as a house or in a sectioned off area of a building where the tangos have been positively located. When sweeping a large, labyrinthine area such as an oil tanker, building or what have you, you don't have an unlimited supply of stun grenades, so you must rely on surprise and forward momentum.

This is just as effective in first person shooter video games as it is in real combat.

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